Delmarva Chapter Halloween Trail Ride

Delmarva Chapter
190 Thompsonville Road
Milford, DE 19963



Debbie Edwards,
AMBA State Coordinator
235 Black Stallion Road
Townsend, DE 19734
Alycia Hovey,
AMBA Chapter Secretary
190 Thompsonville Road
Milford, DE 19963

Halloween 2013 Trail Ride and Walk
Sunday, Oct 27th, 2013
Redden State Forest Headquarters, Georgetown, DE

Halloween Ride Flyer 

Delmarva Chapter Participates in Dover’s July 4th Parade

The week started out looking like the Delmarva Chapter would need to back out of the 4th of July Parade.  Work commitments sidelined 3 horses and their riders.  Leaving just Mystic and Debbie committed to the parade.  Knowing how Mystic hates being an “only horse”, things looked bleak.  However, Juanita came through with Granddaughter Jess and Sweetwater Brandy.  So we were on.

We were joined by an honorary mustang (anyone who rides as part of the Delmarva Chapter AMBA group becomes an honorary mustang for the day) who carried the American Flag.  And were followed by our cleanup crew with truck and trailer decorated with flags and the club banner.  Steve drove the truck and Juanita manned the cleanup tools.  It was a totally unplanned, but very cute coincidence that the horses took to the parade in descending order of height.  And there was no planning (even though there were comments about it) that Sweetwater and Mystic could almost be twins.  So the 2 bay mares tagged along walking happily and enjoying the day.  What a great representation for the American Mustang.

When I submit paperwork to parade committees, I take the opportunity to educate the crowd on the mustang.  So while Jess and I turned our mustangs so all could see the brand and how well behaved the girls were, the announcer read our information.  Little did we know that we would be followed around the corner by another mustang owner – a young girl and her mother who shared their story and took our information.  So, the 2 youngsters are planning on getting together for trail rides and they will join us in future parades.

We started out just to have a nice ride and educate people on Mustangs and ended up with a new friend and possibly a new member for the Delmarva Chapter.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Edwards
AMBA Delaware State Coordinator

Delmarva Chapter

The Delmarva Chapter is one of the oldest AMBA Chapters in existence. It was established in 1996 at the culmination of a BLM adoption that was held in Harrington, Delaware.  Since that time the chapter has been involved in many parades, sponsored several “Fun Days”, Trail Rides, put on educational programs in school (in and out of state), and for several years sponsored the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse & Burro Show (a 2 day event).


In January 2013 the chapter participated in the finality of Tracy Delp’s Coast to coast ride for a Cancer cure. They met Tracy as she entered Cape Henlopen State Part (Lewes, DE) and rode with her to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Other activities involved competing at the First State Coon Hunters Fun Show (March 9). The Milton, DE St. Patrick Day Parade (March 10). The Dover, DE St. Patrick Day Parade (March 16). Attended the Horse Force Hay Bank fundraiser (March 19). Attended the DE Equine Council Scholarship dinner/dance (March 23).

Below are pictures from the Milton St. Patrick Day Parade. Riders in the left picture are (left to right) Robert Van Vorst, Alycia Hovey (President), and Rebecca Adams. Jenifer Wilson (right picture).



Future Chapter Activities:

April 6 Southern Delaware Therapeutic & Recreational Horseback Ride (annual beach ride fundraiser), Henlopen State Park.
April 6&7 Delaware Horse Expo.
April 19-21 First State Coon Hunters weekend ride, Redden State Forestry facility – (tentative)
April 20-21 Stuart Rybak Horsemanship Clinic, Holly Ridge Farm, Willards, MD
April 27 Holly Ridge Farm Open House
July4 Dover Parade
July Southern States Coop, Milford, DE Open House – Customer Appreciation Day and meet the mustangs.
August 2-4 Extreme Mustang Makeover, NJ
August 24 Harrington Heritage Day
September to be announced
October 27 AMBA Delmarva Chapter trail ride Redden State Forest.
November to be announced
December Annual Christmas Party.

PhotosSt. Patrick Day Parade, Dover, DE & Receiving Award at City Council meeting.


Left – right Robert Van Vorst, Hovey, Pres., Debbie Edward, State Coordinator

Left – right Carlton Carey, Mayor Debbie Edwards, Charlotte Grant, Marge Davis, Asha Moon, Alycia Hovey, Robert Van Vorst, Lou Colon, Dir. Downtown Dover Partnership



The chapter normally meets the 4th Monday of the month (January – October) from 6-9 (cover dish dinner 6-7, meeting 7-9). We invite interested parties to come and join us. Ownership of a mustang not required to attend or for AMBA membership.

Please contact us at the above email address for directions to the meeting place.

Come and share in the fun!

Midwest Majestic Mustangs Chapter



3290 Adden Road
Mount Olive, IL 62069
Phone: 618-604-3839

March 2013 The Chapter plans to take 4 mustangs to the Illinois Horse Fair (Springfield) where the mustangs will be shown in the Parade of Breeds. This event will, take place the first weekend in March. To those than have never seen a mustang in action (other than in pictures, or on TV) this is an opportunity to see (in person) what these marvelous horses can do. Come and have fun!

The chapter just placed an order for T-shirts. The shirts will carry our chapter logo (shown Above).

In October 2012 Debbie Nunley (a chapter member) and her mustang Lakota went on a weeklong camping trip to Eminence, MO. The trip was during a beautiful time of the year (the first weekend in October). For Lakota there were many firsts –

The first time walking through a river,
The first time seeing and being around horse and mule drawn buggies,
The first time seeing mules with bells on their breast collars
And last but not least – standing on a large rock, which was really one of the high point of the trip.

Lakota took all of these things right in stride, and handled them like the champ that she is.

We’ve also been informed that a young girl who formerly had horses of another breed decided to sell the horses that she had in order to get a mustang. This young lady attended a horse sale and used the proceeds from the earlier sale to purchase a mustang that was offered for sale. She did this because she didn’t want to see it (the mustang) go to the “kill buyers”.


March 2013: Watch for our fun show. Info will be announced as available.

June 2013 Come see us when we hold a fundraiser at the local Tractor Supply Store. Please check the website for date, location and time of this event. Plan to come and join in the fun!

The Chapter plans to participate in the Mount Olive and Dorchester Parades. Come see us in action and cheer us on. Watch this site for Dates, times and other particulars.

Florida – Sunshine State Chapter


P.O.Box 3853, Brandon, FL., 33509

News From The “Sunshine State AMBA”:

During our first year of operation our Chapter acquired a free lease on a 5 acre tract where we intend to house rescued mustangs and burros. It is our hope that we can adopt them to what will become “forever homes”.

January 2013 our Chapter attended the Marrianna, FL, BLM adoption. The highlight of our participation was that we (our Board and Members) were able to bring home 6 mustangs and 2 burros.

Congratulations to our Secretary, Jennie Sloan who was recently appointed by The Mustang Heritage Foundation as a TIP trainer. Jennie has also opened a new training facility where our sanctuary mustangs will receive rehab and additional training, thereby making them more adoptable.

On April 6, 2013 our Chapter will celebrate its first anniversary. The celebration activities shall consist of a fund raiser for the sanctuary mustangs, demos, raffles, entertainment, guest speakers from BLM, a mustang adoption, and last but not least — plenty of good food. Ya’ll come!

Up And Coming Events:

March 9

The Chapter will participate in the Clinton Anderson Walk About Tour as part of our community outreach activities.

March 23
The Chapter will attend the Tampa Bay Pet Expo. We will have a table where we plan to tell the public about mustangs and burros as a part of our public awareness activities.

To Be Announced

We intend to conduct a “low cost” vaccine clinic later in the spring. This will be open to the public and all breeds. Watch for local announcements as to cost, date, location, and time.

The Chapter will host a Mustang Trail Ride in the fall. The ride will be open to all breeds. Proceeds to benefit the Chapter Sanctuary Mustangs. Please watch local announcements for date, location, and time. Plan to come and have fun!

The Chapter is also working with Piney Wood MS to conduct a fall Wild Horse & Burro adoption in Hillsborough County.

Maryann and Sage

Winner of the 2010 USDF All Breeds Award at First Level

Way to go Maryan and Sage!!

Congratulations to Maryan and Spanish Sage on their dressage achievements!

2010: 3rd place with a 63% at the Championships in Santa Barbara CA.

2010: USDF All Breeds Award at First Level

Maryan broke and trained and showed 1st level dressage. She is an Adult Amataure and art teacher by profession.

We are very proud of Maryan and Sage’s achievements!

See Sage in the April issue of Dressage Today, page 12!

AMBA at WEG 2010

The International Equestrian Festival was a huge success!

We had much some wonderful help representing our mustangs!

Thanks to all the efforts of everyone involved!


Sue Anne demonstrates the proper handling to our young volunteers.

Our speical thanks to Marie from Clearview Horse Farm in Shelbyville, TN for making it all happen.

Clearview is home to many shows/clinics through out the year and has a beautiful bed and breakfast. Come visit anytime!