About The American Mustang and Burro Association, Inc.
The American Mustang and Burro Association, Inc. is a national non-profit tax exempt organization [IRS 501 (c) (3)] dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild equine, to public education and awareness and to adopter support. The AMBA, Inc. was founded in 1981 by William Barrett, Valley Mills, TX. The headquarters was transferred to Liberty Hill, TX in 1983 and Dee Dee King served as Executive Secretary through 1989. For the next three and a half years Barbara J. Rehfield directed the organization as Chief Executive Officer, with headquarters in Benton City, WA. On May 1, 1993, the headquarters moved to Lincoln, CA and George W. Berrier, Jr. assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer.Our membership is composed of both adopters of wild horses and burros and non-adopters, people who are just concerned about the plight of our country’s living legends of the American West – wild horses and burros. All memberships, donations and bequests are fully tax deductible. We offer several membership levels to suit everyone’s interests and pocket books.Our registry is the most comprehensive in the nation for wild equine and their descendants. We have volunteer State Coordinators and chapters across the country in order to bring our services and programs closer to our members and to provide a support network for adopters. We sponsor shows, playdays, clinics, educational programs and demonstrations, Rescue and Relocation service.Members receive our newsletter, the JOURNAL. Please read the JOURNAL for more information – we need your help in our efforts for America’s wild horses and burros!
A Silent TearStand proud wild horse of the desert plain
Do not let them your spirit claim
Stand tall, stand firm, do not give in
Though domination men seek to win.God made you strong and gave you heart
And set you free right from the start
To roam the valleys and the hills
Yet your freedom men seek to steal.Don’t they know or can’t they see
This is where you were meant to be.
Other beasts of burden cannot compare
Nor your beauty do they share.

If we listen we might hear
The thunderous roar, the silent tear
Of slaughtered ones from the past
And understand your plight at last.

Note: All horses pictured on the pages of this website are mustangs.

The American Mustang and Burro Association, Inc

a non-profit, tax exempt organization

AMBA, Inc.
PO Box 27703
Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0703

More About the Mustang & AMBA
The American Mustang and Burro Association registry is the most comprehensive in the nation for wild equine and their descendants. The registry includes BLM adopted mustangs, mules and burros and their offspring. Wild horses adopted from other government agencies (National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service) and from military installations and Indian reservations can also be eligible for registration with AMBA, Inc.
The American Mustang is a descendant of the first horses introduced into North America by the Spanish Conquistadores. During the last two centuries some genetic influence has occurred from U.S. Cavalry mounts and ranch horses which have run loose among the herds of wild horses in the western U.S., so that a variety of conformation and color exists among the various herds of wild horses which comprise the American Mustang breed.
The mustang is essentially a light horse, with height at the withers averaging from 14 hands to 15.2 hands and weight generally from 800 to 1000 pounds. In a few instances, draft horses managed to get into some herds, so that occasionally a 17 h., 1400 pound horse will be captured in a gather.
Predominant colors are bay, sorrel and black, although many herds have buckskin, blue and strawberry roan, palomino, grey and pinto horses, even appaloosa.The American Mustang is athletic and durable, with outstanding stamina. This horse, a product of the best breeding program in the world, survival of the fittest, is noted for overall soundness, with especially strong feet and legs.Since the inception of the show, AMBA, Inc. has been a supporter of the National Wild Horse & BurroShow in Reno, NV each June. Additionally AMBA,Inc has been a supporter of the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse & Burro Show held annually in the east.  We also support other regional shows, playdays and clinics around the country, promoting mustangs and burros. Many of our chapters are involved in conducting these various events, and participate in parades, trail patrols and other equine activities.