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The American Mustang and Burro Association, Inc. Book Store has a good variety of books to help you work with your mustang or burro. There are story books for young and old.

Want to show where your heart is, purchase one or, preferably, several of our bumper stickers or signs.

All proceeds from the sale of Book Store materials help fund the operation and projects of the American Mustang and Burro Association, Inc.


      • HORSE COLOR – $24.95
        Dr. Phillip Sponenberg & Bonnie V. Beaver
        Precise and comprehensive inventory of colors. Over 180 photos.

        Heather Smith Thomas
        Excellent history of the issue. Good pictures. Autographed.

      • THE SPANISH MUSTANG – $12.00
        Don Worcester
        History and evolution of wild horses from origin on plains of Andalusia to today’s efforts to preserve pure strain.

      • MUSTANG – $12.95
        Anthony Amaral
        History of Nevada’s wild horses, legendary mustangs and mustangers. Exposes some myths.

      • INTO THE WIND, Wild Horses of North America – $32.00
        Dr. J.F. Kirkpatrick
        One of the best books available on the study of wild horses. Beautiful photography.


      • DEFINITIVE DONKEY – $16.50
        American Donkey & Mule Society
        The bible on donkeys and mules, from physiology to care to training. New edition. Bigger and better.

      • IMPRINT TRAINING – $12.95
        Robert Miller, DVM
        A swift, effective method of permanently shaping the lifetime behavior of the newborn foal.

      • CONSIDERING THE HORSE – $16.00
        Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned
        Mark Rashid
        Mark’s entertaining stories will introduce you to quiet solutions for resolving training problems from the horse’s point of view. Topics include ground manners, picking up feet, headshyness, trailer loading, mounting problems, balking, and head tossing. If you are about to buy a horse and definitely if you are about to sell your horse because of problems, or even is you only wish you owned a horse, this book will give you a whole new perspective into the horse’s point of view.

        Mark Rashid
        In this follow-up to his first book, Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid continues to share his gift for using communication, not force, in working with horses. Rashid uses heartwarming and humorous stories to share his techniques of teaching horses by understanding their view of the world. These tails deal with many facets of buying, owning and training horses. Stories of Arabs, appaloosas, and paint – mistrusted, and mistreated because of their breed – will give you a new perspective on these breeds and others. Rashid’s accounts of horses bound for slaughter because they couldn’t be trained will inspire you to give your own problem horse another look. And then Wil, the ugliest horse you could imagine, turns out to be the best on the ranch, you’ll understand why a good horse is never a bad color.

      • HORSES NEVER LIE – $16.00
        The Heart of Passive Leadership
        Mark Rashid
        In Horses Never Lie, Mark breaks new ground by challenging the long standing belief that a person must be become the “Alfa leader” in order to work with horses. Instead, Horses Never Lie teaches you how to become a “passive leader” – a reflection of the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to be around and to follow. It’s a must read for all horse owners who care about their horses and the kind of relationship they have with them.

        Mark Rashid
        In Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse, the teacher becomes the student when a nondescript horse named Buck steps into his life. Odd behavior from this horse forces Mark to reevaluate everything he understands about horses. Beginning with an untimely and costly refusal from Buck, Mark tries to figure out why it happened. What he finds challenges him to become a better trainer and a better person.

      • HORSEMEN’S SCRAPBOOK – $12.95
        Randy Steffen
        Hints on ropes and knots, training, gear, truck & trailer tips, repair in the barn and corral, and much, much more.


      • THE MUSTANGS – $10.95
        J. Frank Dobie
        Stories of legendary mustangs, especially in Texas. Great bibliography and history.

      • THUNDER OF THE MUSTANGS – $28.00
        Legend and lore of the Wild Horses. Nine original and previously published essays and legends by leading American nature writers, cowboys and folklorists, combined with stunning photographs of wild horses.


      • MUSTANG, WILD SPIRIT OF THE WEST – $3.95 (paperback)
        Marguerite Henry
        Classic best seller about the life of Wild Horse Annie and her fight for the mustang.

      • BRIGHTY OF THE GRAND CANYON – $3.95 (paperback)
        Marguerite Henry
        A story of a brave Grand Canyon burro. Every child should read this one.

      • THE GIRL WHO LOVED WILD HORSES – $4.95 (paperback)
        A small book, but expensive to produce because of the intricate plains Indian style artwork. A gorgeous book. An Indian myth.

      • WILD HORSES (Our Wild World) – $11.00
        Julia Vogel
        Wonderful story about a little girl visiting the West who wants to see wild horses. Great photos.

      • WILD HORSES (The Wonder Series) – $7.95
        Carol Ann Moorhead
        Includes stories, activities and trading cards all about wild horses.


      • BUMPER STICKERS – $2.50 each incl. postage
        Blue and Red on white vinyl.
        “I (heart) My Mustang” or “I (heart) My Wild Burro”

      • MUSTANG XING – $17.95 plus $3.20 S/H
        12″ x 12″ yellow metal sign, diamond-shaped, with black outline of horse.

      • BURRO XING – $17.95 plus $3.20 S/H
        Same size, same price except has picture of burro.

        Outstanding prints by Kay Homan, limited edition. Signed, titled and numbered by the artist, on museum quality paper. $25 each or both for $40. $5.00 S/H.


      • HORSES AND THEIR WOMEN – $10.95 plus $2.00 S/H
        Barbara Cohen and Louise Taylor
        A delightful collection of photos and personal stories celebrating the deep bonds and relationships that develop between women and their horses.

NOTE: Shipping and handling for the first book is $3.20 for hardback, $1.50 for paperback, and $1.00 for each additional book.