How You CAN Help!

How YOU can HELP! – Adopt a Mustang!
The biggest thing you can do to help is to join AMBA and adopt a mustang or burro.Become part of our group and join the fun! (See “Join AMBA” for more details)

See the BLM web site site for details of adopting a mustang.
This photo was shot at the first ever dressage show for this filly, ” Mustang Legend” with Ellen Corob, trainer, doing the riding.This is the pony that was rescued – starving to death – from the Sheriff’s dept  on May 23, 2009.   She was very well behaved and focused.Join AMBA and rescue your next super star!


Rescue and Rehabilitation

One of the functions of AMBA, Inc. is rescuing mustangs which have been neglected or abused. Many times horses and burros are neglected simply because their owners do not know how to deal with them and lose interest. The result is often pretty sad. AMBA, Inc. chapters and members all over the country become involved in these projects from time to time. Sometimes it is merely a matter of picking up an unwanted horse, feeding him for a while until a suitable new home can be found, then taking him there.
Unfortunately, there are those times when the rescue animal is severely undernourished, ill or has been physically mistreated. In those cases, rehabilitation takes a long time, costs a lot and has no guarantee that the animal will wind up being attractive to a prospective adopter. It is for that reason that some form of sanctuary is necessary.

Your donation will help us transport, feed and provide veterinary care for wild equines like these shown here!

Why don’t you sit down right now and write a check to AMBA, Inc. for whatever you feel is right, put Mustang Rescue in the memo section and mail it to:

AMBA, Inc.
P.O. Box 27703
Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0703