(Photo Credits: Alycia Hovey, AMBA Delmarva Chapter President/Secretary)

At the September 23 rd. meeting of the Delmarva Chapter of the American Mustang And Burro Association, Deborah Edwards, the AMBA – Delaware State Coordinator presented Mark Davis, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the national organization with a new Hewlett-Packard laptop computer. The computer a17” Pavilion comes complete with the latest Windows 8 operating system. The Delmarva Chapter made the decision at their August meeting to donate a “committed computer” to the national in an effort to reduce the time necessary to carry out the administrative matters of the national office.

The national office gladly accepted this very generous gift from the Delmarva Chapter, and will begin to transfer over 6 years of AMBA records from an older Dell computer (the property of Mr. Davis that was used for his personal business as well as that of his photography business). Mr. Davis comment about the Dell was that “molasses flows up hill faster in January” than his computer would process data.

Thanks to the Delmarva Chapter for this badly needed, wonderful gift. The national office is deeply appreciative.

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