The week started out looking like the Delmarva Chapter would need to back out of the 4th of July Parade.  Work commitments sidelined 3 horses and their riders.  Leaving just Mystic and Debbie committed to the parade.  Knowing how Mystic hates being an “only horse”, things looked bleak.  However, Juanita came through with Granddaughter Jess and Sweetwater Brandy.  So we were on.

We were joined by an honorary mustang (anyone who rides as part of the Delmarva Chapter AMBA group becomes an honorary mustang for the day) who carried the American Flag.  And were followed by our cleanup crew with truck and trailer decorated with flags and the club banner.  Steve drove the truck and Juanita manned the cleanup tools.  It was a totally unplanned, but very cute coincidence that the horses took to the parade in descending order of height.  And there was no planning (even though there were comments about it) that Sweetwater and Mystic could almost be twins.  So the 2 bay mares tagged along walking happily and enjoying the day.  What a great representation for the American Mustang.

When I submit paperwork to parade committees, I take the opportunity to educate the crowd on the mustang.  So while Jess and I turned our mustangs so all could see the brand and how well behaved the girls were, the announcer read our information.  Little did we know that we would be followed around the corner by another mustang owner – a young girl and her mother who shared their story and took our information.  So, the 2 youngsters are planning on getting together for trail rides and they will join us in future parades.

We started out just to have a nice ride and educate people on Mustangs and ended up with a new friend and possibly a new member for the Delmarva Chapter.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Edwards
AMBA Delaware State Coordinator

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