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March 2013 The Chapter plans to take 4 mustangs to the Illinois Horse Fair (Springfield) where the mustangs will be shown in the Parade of Breeds. This event will, take place the first weekend in March. To those than have never seen a mustang in action (other than in pictures, or on TV) this is an opportunity to see (in person) what these marvelous horses can do. Come and have fun!

The chapter just placed an order for T-shirts. The shirts will carry our chapter logo (shown Above).

In October 2012 Debbie Nunley (a chapter member) and her mustang Lakota went on a weeklong camping trip to Eminence, MO. The trip was during a beautiful time of the year (the first weekend in October). For Lakota there were many firsts –

The first time walking through a river,
The first time seeing and being around horse and mule drawn buggies,
The first time seeing mules with bells on their breast collars
And last but not least – standing on a large rock, which was really one of the high point of the trip.

Lakota took all of these things right in stride, and handled them like the champ that she is.

We’ve also been informed that a young girl who formerly had horses of another breed decided to sell the horses that she had in order to get a mustang. This young lady attended a horse sale and used the proceeds from the earlier sale to purchase a mustang that was offered for sale. She did this because she didn’t want to see it (the mustang) go to the “kill buyers”.


March 2013: Watch for our fun show. Info will be announced as available.

June 2013 Come see us when we hold a fundraiser at the local Tractor Supply Store. Please check the website for date, location and time of this event. Plan to come and join in the fun!

The Chapter plans to participate in the Mount Olive and Dorchester Parades. Come see us in action and cheer us on. Watch this site for Dates, times and other particulars.

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