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News From The “Sunshine State AMBA”:

During our first year of operation our Chapter acquired a free lease on a 5 acre tract where we intend to house rescued mustangs and burros. It is our hope that we can adopt them to what will become “forever homes”.

January 2013 our Chapter attended the Marrianna, FL, BLM adoption. The highlight of our participation was that we (our Board and Members) were able to bring home 6 mustangs and 2 burros.

Congratulations to our Secretary, Jennie Sloan who was recently appointed by The Mustang Heritage Foundation as a TIP trainer. Jennie has also opened a new training facility where our sanctuary mustangs will receive rehab and additional training, thereby making them more adoptable.

On April 6, 2013 our Chapter will celebrate its first anniversary. The celebration activities shall consist of a fund raiser for the sanctuary mustangs, demos, raffles, entertainment, guest speakers from BLM, a mustang adoption, and last but not least — plenty of good food. Ya’ll come!

Up And Coming Events:

March 9

The Chapter will participate in the Clinton Anderson Walk About Tour as part of our community outreach activities.

March 23
The Chapter will attend the Tampa Bay Pet Expo. We will have a table where we plan to tell the public about mustangs and burros as a part of our public awareness activities.

To Be Announced

We intend to conduct a “low cost” vaccine clinic later in the spring. This will be open to the public and all breeds. Watch for local announcements as to cost, date, location, and time.

The Chapter will host a Mustang Trail Ride in the fall. The ride will be open to all breeds. Proceeds to benefit the Chapter Sanctuary Mustangs. Please watch local announcements for date, location, and time. Plan to come and have fun!

The Chapter is also working with Piney Wood MS to conduct a fall Wild Horse & Burro adoption in Hillsborough County.

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