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The Board of Directors of The American Mustang & Burro Association Announces Changes

The Board of Directors of The American Mustang & Burro Association, Inc. is very pleased to announce two major changes.

The first is the move of the headquarters’ office (on July 21) to the new address:

PO Box 27703,
Salt Lake City, UT

The second change is in regards to the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Mark L. Davis II who served as the Acting CEO during the search period will be replaced by Ms. Jacqueline K. Braun the new CEO.

Mr. Davis will return to the board (a position that he vacated during the search for a suitable replacement to fill the Chief’s position vacated at the death of Mr. George W. Berrier, Jr). It should be noted that Mr. Berrier served AMBA as CEO for a period in excess of 17 years.

Wild West JackieMs. Braun is the mother of three adult children (2 girls + a boy).  She was born into a Montana ranch family that raised Hereford Cattle. When she was 6 months of age her mother put her on her horse. Later at age 6 she had a pony. That was her beginning with horses.

It’s interesting that while her family didn’t have much time for mustangs (many cattle or sheep ranchers don’t). Jackie had a deep love for mustangs because of their great spirit and the constant drive for freedom. As a result of this Jackie got her first mustang in 1989. She currently has 6 mustangs, and one of these is in training for the Olympics (watch for SS Cisco Kid).  One of her earlier mustangs was “Frosty”. This was a spectacular horse that placed in the USDF All Breeds competition. Those of you who were AMBA members back in 2009–10 may remember seeing a picture of “Frosty” in “The Journal” of the American Mustang & Burro Association.   “Frosty” has since crossed over “The Rainbow Bridge.”

AMBA is very lucky to have somebody as skilled as Jackie to take the helm. She has been dealing with people most of her working years. Her tremendous ability to get along with people was pointed out by her former employers, as well as those that she listed as her personal references. When these former employers and references were contacted, not one of them gave a negative response to questions about her character, work skills, and ability to do the job.

She has served in the capacity of an Administrative Assistant, and is currently the Office Manager of a business firm in Salt Lake City. Her vast training in computer programs has equipped her to handle most administrative positions. In addition to these full time positions she also maintains a part time horse training business that has been in existence for more than 7 years.

One of the most important things about Jackie is that she is a Life Member of AMBA.  Jackie originally joined AMBA in 2009 as an Individual Member; however, by 2011she elected to upgrade her membership to a more prestigious level by becoming a Gold Life Member. This indicates that she was and still is dedicated to AMBA and its mission.

Jackie also maintains membership in USDF as does AMBA and has agreed to attend the USDF All Breeds Convention and Awards program as a representative of AMBA. That function will be held this December in Las Vegas, NV.

AMBA Congratulates 2015 USDF All Breed Participants

The Officers and Board of Directors of AMBA congratulate the following mustang owners for their excellent showings in the All Breeds Events with the United States Dressage Federation (USDF).
Kathleen Betzel – with “Tomorrow’s Sun” – Intermediate I (Adult Amateur)
Kathleen Betzel – with “Tomorrow’s Sun” – Intermediate I (Open)
Kathleen Betzel – with “Tomorrow’s Sun” – Intermediate I (Vintage Cup Award)
Marsha Hartford-Sapp – with “Cobra” –  Prix St. George (Open)
Zoe Roy, Marcia Riehl – with “Full Moon Rising Cuervo Gold” – Training Level (Open)

Delmarva Chapter donates new computer to AMBA main office

(Photo Credits: Alycia Hovey, AMBA Delmarva Chapter President/Secretary)

At the September 23 rd. meeting of the Delmarva Chapter of the American Mustang And Burro Association, Deborah Edwards, the AMBA – Delaware State Coordinator presented Mark Davis, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the national organization with a new Hewlett-Packard laptop computer. The computer a17” Pavilion comes complete with the latest Windows 8 operating system. The Delmarva Chapter made the decision at their August meeting to donate a “committed computer” to the national in an effort to reduce the time necessary to carry out the administrative matters of the national office.

The national office gladly accepted this very generous gift from the Delmarva Chapter, and will begin to transfer over 6 years of AMBA records from an older Dell computer (the property of Mr. Davis that was used for his personal business as well as that of his photography business). Mr. Davis comment about the Dell was that “molasses flows up hill faster in January” than his computer would process data.

Thanks to the Delmarva Chapter for this badly needed, wonderful gift. The national office is deeply appreciative.

Maryann and Sage

Winner of the 2010 USDF All Breeds Award at First Level

Way to go Maryan and Sage!!

Congratulations to Maryan and Spanish Sage on their dressage achievements!

2010: 3rd place with a 63% at the Championships in Santa Barbara CA.

2010: USDF All Breeds Award at First Level

Maryan broke and trained and showed 1st level dressage. She is an Adult Amataure and art teacher by profession.

We are very proud of Maryan and Sage’s achievements!

See Sage in the April issue of Dressage Today, page 12!

AMBA at WEG 2010

The International Equestrian Festival was a huge success!

We had much some wonderful help representing our mustangs!

Thanks to all the efforts of everyone involved!


Sue Anne demonstrates the proper handling to our young volunteers.

Our speical thanks to Marie from Clearview Horse Farm in Shelbyville, TN for making it all happen.

Clearview is home to many shows/clinics through out the year and has a beautiful bed and breakfast. Come visit anytime!

Grant to Dressage Riders

Grant to Defray USDF Award Banquet ExpensesOn occasion a private donor has made a donation directly to an AMBA member to help that member(s) attend the very prestigious banquet and receive their award in person, In order to be eligible for this grant the person(s):

  1. Must be AMBA members in good standing

  2. Must have excelled in their regional competition and be eligible to receive a national award

  3. Must be willing to complete paperwork or any other requirements of the selection committee.

Note: While this grant is made to AMBA dressage members, it should be noted that it is being made by a private individual/organization, and is not an activity of AMBA.

Please contact Ann Spencer for more information.

Must be a current member of AMBA and have AMBA registration papers for your mustang.

Viva and Laura

Viva and Laura

Congratulations to Viva and Laura on their dressage achievements!

2009: Showing First Level, winning two “High Point” at 67% and 69% (high score of the show)

Multiple “High Score Pony Champion” wins.

2010 Currently Schooling Second Level.